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Research + Curatorial Project Bursaries

International Art Research Bursaries | Deadline 18 April 2012, 18.00

Turning Point South West, working with Spike Associates is offering a number of bursaries for visual art practitioners, including curators, artists, writers, freelance cultural producers based in the South West region – Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

A limited number of bursaries up to £300 will be available to help fund research trips nationally and internationally between April and end of September 2012 which could include major International art festivals or Biennials including Documenta 13, Glasgow International, 7th Berlin Biennale, Manifesta 9, Liverpool Biennale or independent research trips.

Successful applicants will attend an event later in the year to share the experience of their trips in the context of their wider practice.

For further information and details of how to apply, please click here>>


Curatorial Project Bursaries | Deadline 18 April 2012, 18.00

Turning Point South West, working with Spike Associates is offering a number of bursaries for visual art practitioners, including curators, artists, writers, freelance cultural producers based in the South West region – Gloustershire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall.

A limited number bursaries of up £300 will be available to help fund ambitious curatorial projects, including exhibition, event and broader projects with artists, to be delivered by the end of 2012. Support with connecting to arts organisations and venues for events will also be available.

Successful applicants will attend an event later in the year to feed back about the project.

For more information, and details of how to apply, click here>>


TPSW Bursary places for The Penzance Convention

Turning Point South West is offering a number of free bursary places for visual art practitioners (including artists, curators, writers and producers) living in the South West region to attend The Penzance Convention. Information on how to apply for these can be found here

The Penzance Convention
17–20 May 2012

The Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance, Cornwall

We are delighted to announce The Penzance Convention, a three-day conference in expanded form that will take place from 17 to 20 May this year. Building on the legacy of The Falmouth Convention, The Penzance Convention develops the interdisciplinary approach that was exemplified through field trips in 2010 and is conceived as an international meeting of artists, curators, writers, scientists, historians, philosophers and experts from other fields, with an emphasis on exchange of views and experiences. The Convention will focus on the far west of Cornwall, drawing on histories specific to this locale. In addition to field trips and conference presentations, it will offer opportunities for informal debate and social exchange.



Turning Point South West/Alias Hubs

Turning Point SW and Alias are opening up opportunities for artists to build greater collaborative opportunities through 'ALIAS HUBS'.  

The Alias Hubs have been characterized by openness and simplicity. They create opportunities and space for making individual connections and network building.  Delivered in partnership with Turning Point South West the Alias Hubs will host short presentations form invited speakers that will provide discussion points for more open dialogue and conversation – the heart of the hub.

 The hubs described here are intended to represent launch events for the hosting partners, which will lead to on-going, self-sustaining hub programmes. For more information about Alias or hub events please contact the team:

 1. Meantime – Please note this event has already run.

Meantime is an independent, artist-run project-space located in central Cheltenham presenting a a programme of artists' residencies, film screenings, live music, workshops and public events, providing a platform for active engagement, dialogue and exchange in current art practice.  It provides a practical and critical environment for artists to realize new work, supporting enquiry and experimentation over commodity and market-driven production, and activity and discussion over the routine display and consumption of art. Drawing on the success of it's Alias Hub lunch time networking socials Meantime Project Space hosted an Alias Hub Plus event at in December 2011. Artist Louisa Fairclough and Meantime co-ordinator Sarah B discussed their intensive association and the collaborative process this year and the developments that have seen the work travel from Meantime to the Danielle Arnaud Gallery.

 2. Bridport Arts Centre – 6pm, Tuesday 28th February 2012

Thanks to all those that attended the first ALIAS hub in Bridport, 28th Feb, it was a triumph! 28 artists came. Bridport Arts centre was a great venue. This hub ran along the same lines as the original idea of leaving lots of space for interaction and chat with no fixed agenda or remit. There seems to lots happening with plenty of ideas and projects, and ALIAS could be a good way of keeping everyone connected and joined up. The next one is currently being planned and will be at the gorgeous artist lead Lyric Theatre. Everyone from all areas of the arts are welcome to add to the heady mix.


3. Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre & RevealSomerset – 4-6pm Wednesday 7th March 2012


This hub began with a short 'in-conversation' between Neil Walker of Stroud Valley Artspace, Simon Lee Dicker of The Old School Room, West Coker and Rachel Dobbs of Come to Ours and dxdx studios, Plymouth. The panel discussed different ways to set-up and maintain independent spaces such as studios, galleries and project spaces.

Reveal Somerset is a partnership between Brewhouse Visual Arts, Somerset Art Works and Somerset Film.  Its aim is to raise the profile of visual arts in Somerset through promotion of collaborative, socially engaged practice, through joint working between curators and County arts bodies, through building links with national/international artists and organisations.

Alias hosted the Hub in collaboration with two existing Reveal peer support initiatives.  There was a short presentation about an ongoing project in which these artist-led groups are working with an independent curator.

 4. Spike Island, Bristol – 6pm, Tuesday 13th March and Tuesday 29th May 2012

There is a positive fit between the Alias  Hubs and the ‘What to expect from…’ series, which have been programmed by the Associates and Spike Island Associate Co-ordinator Lucy Drane in response to a demand for professional practice sessions based on real life scenarios. They aim to be stimulating, generate debates and demystify certain roles and art world conventions.  They also encourage inter-sector dialogue.

Alias will collaborate on two of the events - ‘What to expect from a curator’ and ‘What to expect from a writer’.

Spike Associates


5. Plymouth College of Art – Tuesday 20th March 2012

Artist Steven Paige and curator Matt Burrows will introduce this Hub with a short in-conversation that will discuss how they worked together in staging Steven's recent exhibtiion The ties that bind me to my brothers are not wrapped around my wrists, but rather are fastened to my heart at Exeter Phoenix. How do an artist and curator work together during a project’s develop to maintain the integrity of the artwork and meet the aims of the institution?

Plymouth College of Art is one of only four independent art schools in the UK and one of the partners in the Plymouth Visual Arts Consortium (PVAC).  They have recently played a role in bringing the British Art Show to Plymouth.

How to find Plymouth College of Art


6.  The Big Studio, The Old Grist Mill, Tresooth Lane, Penryne TR10 8DL, 23 March 2012, 6-7.30pm

Free Soup and refreshments will be provided, this is a social event in an informal artist studio environment where ideas and projects can be discussed.

Please note that there is no parking in Tresooth Lane so please look for parking elsewhere and walk down to The Big Studio.

There will be a short five minute introduction into Meanwhile Leases and how artists have made use of this policy for the provision of short term project space and studio space..

Meanwhile leases can generate creativity and enterprise from empty spaces and places, the Meanwhile Project works with landlords, agents, potential occupiers and local authorities to enable uses that benefit the community while something else is waiting to happen.

7. Artsite – Monday 2 April 2012, 6pm

Artsite exists to encourage the practice of art through education, provision of resource and peer support. As one of the few artist-led spaces in Wiltshire, we have identified Artsite as a pivotal hub location to explore.  Alias have worked with Artsite over a number of years to develop their organisation.  They now have a central role for artists in Swindon and play an active role in their community.  The event will take a 'pecha-kucha' style with a number or artists' membership organisations, artist-led spaces and studios being invited to talk, with slides, about what they do for 5 minutes. The event will launch Artsite's Artist's Café which will continue as a meeting place and hub for artists in the area.

8. CAZ (Cornwall Autonomous Zone) – 14 April 2012, 2-5pm

CAZ Artist led space co-ordinated by Andy Whall, Ian Whitford and Rebecca Weeks will facilitate a dialogue between the Cornwall Programme and regional artists and Cornwall Programme board including Steven Paige.  CAZ supports the development of contemporary art practice in Cornwall by providing artists and their national/international peers access to a creative hub offering opportunities to exhibit, dialogue, collaborate, network and engage critically.

9. Artspace Cinderford, 26 April, 2.30pm

 Artspace Cinderford is an artist led organisation in the Forest of Dean.  This artist hub will include short presentations from 'Reveal' in Somerset and Turning Point South West.


10.  Aune Head Arts – TBC

Aune Head Arts are an artist-led organisation who commission work in rural settings nationally, support arts practice and work closely with local communities on Dartmoor.  This event will tap into their existing monthly DIY lunch event. This will be an open session for artists from across the region to present their work and receive peer critique.



The Visitor Experience Programme Underway!

Organisations across the South West, West and East Midlands are taking part in a major new programme in partnership with TPSW and lightsgoingon. Supported by Arts Council England, the programme looks to increase and enhance the quality of experience for the casual visitor to contemporary art galleries.

The programme is a piece of action research that looks at ‘ways in’ for people when they encounter contemporary art, much of which can seem elusive in its meaning. This can cover: language used in interpretation; how the invigilator engages in conversation; or basic signage, marketing and labelling. The support offered is via Arts Education consultant Gill Nicol acting as a bespoke resource and support.She will deliver a number of training sessions for the organisations; looking at all interpretation material; and observing and interviewing visitors over a period of time.

A day at the end of March will bring all the participating galleries together to share findings and look at ways forward, including a shared understanding of how to measure quality of experience; and how the work can be continued with Turning Point in each region.

Potential outcomes for the organisations are

  • Increased return of new visitors
  • Visible evidence of a quality experience, as seen through a shared understanding of how to benchmark and evaluate this.
  • New energy, understanding and commitment to audiences

A short report will be available about the programme in May 2012.


Web Development Opportunity

Turning Point South West is looking to develop a new website. For web designers/developers interested in finding out more, please see the web development brief here, or contact the Regional Development Coordinator: Grace Davies on